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The Governing Documents provide the framework that enables this community to function and thrive.  Three primary Governing Documents apply to all residents, homeowners and renters.  A copy of each document is provided to new POA members.  Guests are also subject to The Rules.

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, were legally formulated and approved by the State and County prior to ALT’s development.  The CC&Rs have since been amended twice (we are now in the Second Restated document).  The CC&Rs set forth specific declarations and restrictions on the building of homes here, maintenance standards, legal rights and responsibilities of the property owner, etc.  It may make dullish reading, but every owner should refer to it for basic education on living in a planned community.  The Board cannot operate in any way that conflicts with the CC&Rs, or make any rule that is in conflict with these Declarations.

A highly legalistic document that sets forth the rights and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, its officers, the rights of the member, election procedures, etc.  The Board cannot operate in any way that conflicts with the Bylaws.

This booklet provides basic protections for all POA members and residents.  Although the CC&Rs and Bylaws can only be approved or amended by the Membership, the day-to-day rules of the Association are made by the Board of Directors from time to time in response to a current need.  Due notice is always given prior to any rule going into effect (unless an emergency situation exists), but the membership does not vote on a rule. 

Violations of the CC&Rs or the rules may bring the violator before the Covenants Committee, ALT’s enforcement body, which is established in the CC&Rs.  The committee is appointed by the Board, but acts independently of it, it has the power to hold hearings and impose fines.  There is an appeal process to the Board if needed. 

The Design Committee is also established by the CC&Rs, and the Design Committee Guidelines are part of that document.  The procedural rules are approved by the Board as needed.  The committee is appointed by the Board, but acts independently.  There is an appeal process to the Board if needed. 

Other committees – which are the heart and body of ALT programs and activities – are appointed by the Board each year and members serve at the pleasure of the Board.  Participation by POA members is vital and welcome. 

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