Living with Wildfire


Living with Wildfire
Living in the Sierra foothills, in a Mediterranean climate and near a vast forested wilderness, means that wildfires are a perennial

risk.  The Auburn Lake Trails (ALT) community has well-established programs targeting wildfire awareness and prevention activities.  ALT Residents take pride in the fact that, in 2005, ALT was recognized as the third FireWise Community in California and we have remained active in this nationwide program every year since.  Also in 2005, the Auburn Lake Trails Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) was established and signed by the ALT Property Owner’s Association (POA) Board of Directors, the California Department of Forestry and Fire (CalFire predecessor organization), the Bureau of Land Management, the California State Parks (Auburn State Recreation Area), and the El Dorado County Fire Protection District. This planning document identifies and prioritizes areas for fuel reduction activities intended to protect ALT and surrounding areas.  It is the community’s primary tool to coordinate fire protection strategies and to maximize grant funding and government program results.

The Community’s approach to wildfire protection is multi-faceted:

  • Individual Responsibility – 100% annual defensible space inspections with POA policies that provide an enforcement mechanism
  • Vegetation Management Program – to actively manage fuel reduction activities on the 700+ acres of POA–owned land. Our staff work closely with CalFire to implement strategic matching grant activities on POA parcels
  • Community-wide protection
    • Establish and maintain an 8-mile Perimeter Shaded Fuel Break along the northern border overlooking the Middle Fork of the American River
    • ALT POA has provided some form of chipping assistance program for Residents since 2009
Additionally, ALT has an active, independent, non-profit Fire Safe Council with proven success in pursuing grant opportunities targeting CWPP priority projects.  The ALT Fire Safe Council also takes the lead on maintaining our CWPP as a ‘living’ planning tool for the community.  The current version of the CWPP and additional details of Fire Safe Council activities can be found at the council’s website –